Consulting services in Brussels

This project began in 2015, since that time the contact with the European capital has given us multiple synergies and has opened up the possibilities of collaboration with local offices.

We currently offer legal services both for clients resident in the Spanish State, and for clients and professionals resident in Belgium, Holland and Germany through professionals in collaboration.

The accessibility, experience and solid training we offer are a guarantee of first-class legal support both for private clients and for professional profiles that multiply the opportunities to grow or satisfy legal needs in the European area.

Inter-European mobility regularly consults us for patrimonial, succession and marriage planning. It is necessary to know the scope of approved European standards and the national taxation of each State when making decisions.

We regularly participate in trainings, conferences and seminars, such as the seminars organized by ERA (Academy of European Law) in Trier (Germany), by the ULB and in Brussels and Louvain-la-Neuve.

Consultancy in Belgium by Eva Mas

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